Daily Photo: “Stacked Angels”

I am sorry for being missing in action! Between the crazy playoff run of my San Francisco Giants, and doing a lot of work, I have rarely been home. But I am promising to do a photo everyday until Friday!

For those who don’t live in San Francisco, the second weekend in October is one of the most exciting in this beautiful city. Throughout the week, tens of thousands of U.S. Navy personal descend on the city for the annual “Fleet Week” Aircraft carriers, battleships,  and amazing planes can be seen in and over the San Francisco Bay all week. But the most anticipated event is always the air show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It starts in the early afternoon with the awesome trick planes, and climaxes with the Blue Angels. If you have never seen a Blue Angels show, GO NOW! Find the closet place they perform and make travel plans. It is WELL worth it! I watch them every year, and leave in awe every time.

This is the first year I took photos of the Angels, and it was a challenge for sure. These guys aren’t exactly flying slow, and having to continuously adjust shutter and aperture while trying to keep the planes in frame is much harder than I thought! But I was able to get about 25 pretty good pics. I have a couple that I think could be my favorite, but this one jumped out at me right away.


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