Photo Of The Day : “Stanford Corridor”

Yet another fish eye photo I took on the Stuck in Stanford PhotoWalk led by +Trey Ratcliff, +Lisa Bettany, +Brian Rose, and +Vincent Mo. If you look carefully, there is a cool camera flash at the bottom of the staircase on the left 🙂


Photo Of The Day : “Moon Over Stanford”

This is another photo from the Trey Ratcliff (Stuck In Customs) photo walk at Stanford University on August 11, 2011. This was an amazing event, with over 200 photographers! All organized through my new obsession, Google+. This was the first Google+ Flash mob, and may have been a world record for a photo walk. Although Trey thinks it may have been 5 or 10 people shy of his Austin Photowalk. Thank you Bay Area traffic!

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Also, below the photo I took, is a group photo taken by Peter Adams (

If you are not on Google+ and you love photography, you NEED to be. It’s a great place for photographers to interact and share their work. Even if you are not a photographer, it is a great place to find new photographers. You need an invite though, but I have plenty to send! (You must add me to your circle though 🙂

Photo Of The Day “Týn Cathedral”

“Týn Cathedral”

Ok, so I am officially in panic mode. I took thousands of photos in Europe. But, since this was a play trip, and not work, processing these photos became a monumental task. I would select certain photos here and there, process and upload. But since photography IS my full time job, client photos come first. So, alas, my Euro Raw files went on my Western Digital external hard drive, patiently waiting to be processed. Well, my WD hard drive (less than 6 months old) just stopped working. Out of the blue. Yay. So I brought it into the Geek squad at best buy, and they said there was an 80% chance that they would be successful. Well of course, with my luck, they weren’t. So now I am faced with the possibility that every raw file on my external hard drive is now GONE forever, including 3 weeks documenting my first trip to Europe. SWEET! Thank you Western Digital! Lesson learned though. I will be taking further steps in the future to have my files backed up on more than one device or on the cloud (although the cloud is insanely expensive).

So with my rant out of the way, I decided to share a photo from Europe I haven’t shared before. Maybe it will help ease the pain I am going through? 😦

This is the Týn Cathedral located in the Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague has some of the most incredible buildings in the world. A photographer’s dream city!

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Photo Of The Day “Viva Las….New York?”

“Viva Las….New York?”

Las Vegas, Nevada has something for everyone. Tons of craps tables for the gamblers (me) with tons of free drinks and bars for the people who love a nice cold cocktail (me). Amazing pools for those who want to relax in the hot sun and work on their tan (me). And unique and awesome structures that a photographer can have a field day with (me). Looks like I am moving to Vegas!

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Photo Of The Day “Super Moon”

So, weeks ago, I hear the news about the “Super Moon” on March 19th, 2011, which is the closet full moon to the earth in 18 years. This means that the moon should appear bigger, brighter, and more detailed. Well, it should everywhere but in Northern California, where we are in the midst of what is supposed to be almost 2 weeks of relentless storms. The night of the super moon was especially bad. Rain driven sideways because of winds that felt to be about 100 miles per hour. It was insane. But at about 3 AM, I went outside, and amazingly there was a break in the clouds. There was clouds coming in at a remarkably fast pace. I set up my tripod, and took a 30 second exposure. You can see the blurry palm trees being caused by swaying in the hurricane force winds. I am not gonna lie, I was a little worried about one of the palms breaking in half, crushing my car and myself in the wake.

Not the photo I was dreaming of when I heard about the Super Moon, but I think this came out kinda cool!



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Photo Of The Day “The City From The Yacht”

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A big advantage of being a full time photographer, is having the pleasure of working with amazing people and awesome companies. One such company I have been working with in 2011 is Commodore Events. They own 6 beautiful charter yachts that have both public dinner cruises, as well as private charters. What better place to get married than on the top deck of a 6 million dollar yacht at dawn on a warm, still summer night, right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge with the sun setting behind you? I can’t think of many! Than afterwards, while cruising the bay for the reception party, you get to see amazing views such as this one! And don’t forget, you need an amazing wedding photographer to go with this amazing wedding! Wink, wink =)


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