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Photo Of The Day : “Top Of The Mark”

I know I haven’t had many “Photo Of The Day” posts lately. This hotel project has been kicking my butt hard. 8-12 hours of straight shooting per day, not including any processing! As stressful as it can be, every day I look at an amazing view like this, and I am quickly reminded that I have THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! This is taken from the “Top Of The Mark” restaurant and bar, on the top level of the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco, California

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Photo Of The Day: “Jailed City”

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This is an old photo. A couple of years I believe. Since I have been super busy with some photography projects I have to finish, I haven’t had much time for my “personal” photography. =( So I realized I had never made this a photo of the day. So, here it is!

I took this with a 400+mm focal length from downtown Tiburon CA.


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Daily Photo: “The James Bond Yacht”

It takes a couple different factors to be able to get good photographs. Good DSLR, Better Lenses, Good Photographer’s Eye, Motivation, etc. But more so than ANY of these, most great photos (especially anything with moving parts) involves alot of luck. Which I had alot of for this shot!

This is the $300 million dollar, 390 foot yacht owned by the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. It was spotted anchored off the coast of Sausalito, in perfect view of the thousands of tourists who stroll down Bridgeway on a daily basis.

On Friday, I drove down to Sausalito to try to get some shots of the yacht before it took off for it’s next exotic destination. Of course, it was gray and foggy. Another typical San Francisco summer day! After snapping some HDRs of the massive sea vessel from different angles and focal length, I noticed the billionaire’s personal helicopter coming in fast for a landing! I quickly adjusted my settings and my tripod, and snapped this photo seconds before the copter was touched down for good. It wasn’t until after I looked on my viewfinder did I notice the “Adventure Cat” sailboat perfectly centered in front of the yacht, with all the occupants in awe over what they were seeing. Alcatraz on the right side of the frame was an added bonus!

Here is an article from the WSJ about the yacht.

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