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Photo Of The Day “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

It has been a WHILE since I have posted a Photo Of The Day. I feel terrible, because I love to share my work. But unfortunately, since my real estate photography business for VHT.Com has been very busy, along with all the weddings and commercial work I do, I rarely have time to process my OWN personal photos. I chose this as a career, and have the greatest job in the world, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to go on a nice lonely hike, and take nature photos for myself. Sigh 😦

I think this photo represents what I am going through quite well. The bridge is where I want to be. Nice and calm, being able to set up my tripod, and just shoot the quiet wilderness. The rushing water represents my crazy work and social schedule. Non stop, and moving fast!

I promise to start posting more. It drives me crazy to not have people looking at new photography from me!


Photo Of The Day : “Easy Tacheles”

First, before today’s photos, take a look at a previous post explaining what exactly Tacheles in Berlin is.

Anyway, work is busy busy busy. I find myself with rarely any free time to go through and process my own personal photos, since I spend most of my day photographing client’s needs and processing and delivering the photos they pay me for. It started to occur to me that I probably have processed only about 5% of my photos from Europe. I went to Europe 6 months ago!  Well, as I tried to add more photos to my external hard drive this week, I was greeted with a “This computer can not read this hard drive” Uh oh. Then after numerous attempts, the drive just stopped running. Great. So, I am facing the possibility of EVERYTHING on that drive being lost INCLUDING all my Europe photos. Looks like I need to move to the cloud.

Chances are though, its just a mechanical failure with the device and the data is intact. I just need to pay someone a boatload for “data recovery“. So all this reminded me of Europe, so I decided to share a photo from the amazing artist community of Tacheles. This was from the same room as the welder I shared above. It took about 5 minutes standing in this spot before I was able to get a brief couple of seconds with no on in the frame. This place is amazing. If you are ever in Berlin, you MUST GO!

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Daily Photo: “Tacheles Welder”

This was taken in Kunsthaus Tacheles,  which is a old bombed out department store in Berlin. Back in the 90’s, a couple of artist simply took over the spot and used it as a place to create their art. Soon, word spread and more artist came in, along with the public, who came to see and buy the very alternative art. If you are ever in Berlin, you MUST go. This was the most unique place I had ever been. Grab a beer at one of the many bars in and outside of the graffiti filled, dilapidated buildings. The gothic music blaring throughout the place makes it even more amazing. This welder was making some amazing big iron artwork. I have some pics of some of his work which I will post later!