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Photo Of The Day : “The Tug Boat”

I am really curious to what the name of the barge is. I am thinking the language is Russian, but can’t be sure sure, since I cannot type those characters into my stupid American keyboard. Anyone out there have an idea? This was taken from the Commodore Events yacht while shooting the wedding of Angelina and Arthur Brooks!


Photo Of The Day : “The Birds”

The Birds

One must think you might see alot of strange things on California Interstate 5 at 7 AM. Well, one would be right! At a rest stop somewhere in the middle of no where, the sky became warm with the rising sun, and then, out of nowhere THOUSANDS of birds came flying and squawking across the morning sky. It was an amazing site. I had NEVER seen this many birds in one flock in my life. It took over 1 minute for the entire flock to fly over our heads. It was truly awesome! So anyway, all those black spots in this photo isn’t “noise”, it’s thousands of birds!

I also took video of this awesome scene. You can see it here



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Photo Of The Day: “Stinson Sunset”

I took this last week at Stinson Beach, CA. The birds somewhat stayed still through my bracketed 3 exposures. Not going to have too many of these summer sunsets left soon!


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