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Photo Of The Day : “Stanford Corridor”

Yet another fish eye photo I took on the Stuck in Stanford PhotoWalk led by +Trey Ratcliff, +Lisa Bettany, +Brian Rose, and +Vincent Mo. If you look carefully, there is a cool camera flash at the bottom of the staircase on the left 🙂


Photo Of The Day : “Moon Over Stanford”

This is another photo from the Trey Ratcliff (Stuck In Customs) photo walk at Stanford University on August 11, 2011. This was an amazing event, with over 200 photographers! All organized through my new obsession, Google+. This was the first Google+ Flash mob, and may have been a world record for a photo walk. Although Trey thinks it may have been 5 or 10 people shy of his Austin Photowalk. Thank you Bay Area traffic!

You can view the rest of the photos I took on my Google+ album at

Also, below the photo I took, is a group photo taken by Peter Adams (

If you are not on Google+ and you love photography, you NEED to be. It’s a great place for photographers to interact and share their work. Even if you are not a photographer, it is a great place to find new photographers. You need an invite though, but I have plenty to send! (You must add me to your circle though 🙂

Photo Of The Day : “The Swamps Of Hawaii”

This scene struck me as one of those classic scenes you see in your head when you think of Hawaii. Yet another scene from the beautiful Waimea Falls in the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii.

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Photo Of The Day: “The End Of Sausalito”

“The End Of Sausalito”

After almost falling to a certain death when I was blown by a high gust of wind, I was able to recompose, set up my tripod, and capture this 7 exposure HDR Photograph. I drove out to Sausalito, California on Tuesday, hoping that the big awesome storms clouds would roll in to create some dramatic skylines. Of course, this was not to be, so I had to play the cards I was dealt. Not to bad for no clouds, but I will be going back soon! Right at the edge of the foreground grass is a sheer cliff down to the ocean below. I guess this is why this trail is closed, and why I almost died for the art of photography. But it was not to be, as I am made of Tiger’s Blood and Adonis DNA

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Photo Of The Day “Sunset On The Dunes”

I just got back from a quick 48 hour stay in Death Valley National Park. In 48 hours, I took Sunrise photos at Zabriskie Point, sunset photos at Badwater (The lowest point in the western Hemisphere at -288 feet below sea level), Drove the beautiful “Artist Drive”, off roaded the 26 mile road of Titus Canyon (probably the highlight of the trip), hiked the amazing Golden and Mosiac Canyons, and last but not least, caught a sunset on the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.

Sand Dunes are everything you would think they would be. Beautiful, amazing quiet places that can be unforgiving and dangerous. It’s easy to imagine yourself in one of those movies you see, where your wandering the hot desert, lost, walking around in circles, desperate for water. I almost started hallucinating, and it was only 80 degrees, and I only hiked about 2 miles!



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Photo Of The Day: “December Sunset”

It was about 2:00 PM. I could see the clouds in the sky. They were looking perfect. I knew this would be a great sunset. And with rain on the forcast for the next couple of days, I knew I had to get out to Rodeo Beach in Sausalito. I finished some work and headed out. I thought I was going to be too late as I could see the sun falling fast during my drive. It turns out, it was the perfect time! There was about 4 or 5 other photographers there as well. One being an amazing photographer, who I admire very much! Check Gary Yost out at