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Photo Of The Day “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

It has been a WHILE since I have posted a Photo Of The Day. I feel terrible, because I love to share my work. But unfortunately, since my real estate photography business for VHT.Com has been very busy, along with all the weddings and commercial work I do, I rarely have time to process my OWN personal photos. I chose this as a career, and have the greatest job in the world, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to go on a nice lonely hike, and take nature photos for myself. Sigh 😦

I think this photo represents what I am going through quite well. The bridge is where I want to be. Nice and calm, being able to set up my tripod, and just shoot the quiet wilderness. The rushing water represents my crazy work and social schedule. Non stop, and moving fast!

I promise to start posting more. It drives me crazy to not have people looking at new photography from me!


Photo Of The Day “Super Moon”

So, weeks ago, I hear the news about the “Super Moon” on March 19th, 2011, which is the closet full moon to the earth in 18 years. This means that the moon should appear bigger, brighter, and more detailed. Well, it should everywhere but in Northern California, where we are in the midst of what is supposed to be almost 2 weeks of relentless storms. The night of the super moon was especially bad. Rain driven sideways because of winds that felt to be about 100 miles per hour. It was insane. But at about 3 AM, I went outside, and amazingly there was a break in the clouds. There was clouds coming in at a remarkably fast pace. I set up my tripod, and took a 30 second exposure. You can see the blurry palm trees being caused by swaying in the hurricane force winds. I am not gonna lie, I was a little worried about one of the palms breaking in half, crushing my car and myself in the wake.

Not the photo I was dreaming of when I heard about the Super Moon, but I think this came out kinda cool!



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Photo Of The Day: “Retirement Rainbow”

“Retirement Rainbow”

Friday March 18th started a span of at least 10 straight days of what is projected to be a pretty relentless, non stop storm. This was also the day I was hired to shoot a retirement party for a local police chief. When I arrived at the hotel ballroom, it was pouring. I unpack, start snapping photos in the bar/reception area, and all of a sudden, the room gets lit up with a nice warm light. I look outside, and it is……..sunny? Yes, sunny with a HUGE rainbow about a hundred yards from where I was standing.

I like to think it was Mother Nature‘s way of thanking Chief Jim Reis for his years of public service.

Congratulations Chief!


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Photo(s) Of The Day: “Corte Madera Standoff”

Marin County California isn’t exactly known for it’s exciting “police activity”. It is a relatively safe place, which most crimes being DUI, weed smoking teenagers, and bar fights. So when I was driving to get my dog some food from the pet store and heard there was an armed gunman holding hostages a half mile away, I hightailed it! I got there right after he let all the hostages go, but he wanted to stay in and get his point across. Apparently, he was mentally unstable, and had a bone to pick with Bank Of America for “short changing” him. He even asked to speak to President Barrack Obama as part of his negotiation. Anyway, about 5 and a half hours after the standoff started, the gunman surrendered. Upon inspection of his weapon, it was determined to be a Pellet Gun.

In the shots of the bank’s corner window, you can clearly see the gunman. My guess is his mental state prevented snipers from taking the 8,432 clear kill shots they must have had.

Here are just a couple photos I took. There is alot more in this gallery, including snipers! Check it out at


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Photo Of The Day: “Valley”


HDR Photograph of a hiking trail leading down Mount Tamalpias towards Mill Valley, California (Marin County)

Another oldie. This is from what I call my “rookie season” of HDR photography. I believe this was taken in 2007. This was taken hiking up the Hoo Koo E Koo Trail from Kentfied, California up to Mount Tamalpias. I have been told quite often that it looks a Casper David Friedrich or a Claud Lorraine painting!


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Photo Of The Day “Bridge To The Abyss”

Happy New Year! Besides the holidays, one of my favorite parts of winters in Northern California is the torrential rains that bombard us for months on end. Besides the misty mountain hikes, the Marin County hills come alive with powerful, flowing waterfalls. One of the best in the area is Cataract Falls in Fairfax, CA. The trail to the top of the the falls is about 1.5 miles. The problem with a photographer is that this takes about 4 hours to walk, because there are countless angles to capture the falls.

This was a part of the falls I don’t remember seeing last year. I mean, I have seen this spot, but I never remember the fallen tree disappearing into the powerful water. It took me a while to get the right angle and focal length, but I think I got it in the end!


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Photo Of The Day: “Winter Solstice Eclipse”

As a consumer, I really like this photo. As a photographer, this is a bittersweet capture. The conditions to see the eclipse in Northern California were not exactly ideal. I hiked up to Ring Mountain with my friend Mikey. It was cold and cloudy, but no rain (yet). I arrived at about 10:50, and the moon was about 60% covered. By 11:50, the total eclipse had begun. So had the even stronger cloud coverage. For about 30 minutes after total eclipse began, I would get a brief 10 second clear window about every 8 minutes. It was not easy! Everything had to be set up perfect, and I would have to hit that shutter at the perfect time. I did wind up getting 3 usable photos out of the night. So, even getting one good photo, especially under those conditions is a successful mission. At about 12:15, the weather gods had officially had enough of being nice, and the rain and wind came. Hard. And that was it. No more eclipse!The bittersweet aspect is that I forgot to bring a 300mm lens, so the max focal length I could get was 275mm. It makes a huge difference in shots like this. It would have been bigger, bolder, and more detailed. I have not stopped thinking about it since =(

Daily Photo “Rodeo Bridge”

Just another great winter sunset at Rodeo Beach in Sausalito, California. It still amazes me how I live so close to probably the best spot in the bay area to photograph the sunset. It also amazes me that I was never standing on the end of this bridge at this point of the sunset. But I found myself in this very location this day, so I set up, somehow kept Rocky at bay and out of the frame, and snapped!


Photo Of The Day: “December Sunset”

It was about 2:00 PM. I could see the clouds in the sky. They were looking perfect. I knew this would be a great sunset. And with rain on the forcast for the next couple of days, I knew I had to get out to Rodeo Beach in Sausalito. I finished some work and headed out. I thought I was going to be too late as I could see the sun falling fast during my drive. It turns out, it was the perfect time! There was about 4 or 5 other photographers there as well. One being an amazing photographer, who I admire very much! Check Gary Yost out at


Photo Of The Day “San Rafael Sunset”

Living in Marin County, I am lucky enough to get sunsets like this on a consistent basis in the fall and winter months. I could see this was going to be a great sunset earlier in the day, but in between working and moving, I did not have enough time to get down to my favorite sunset spot, Rodeo Beach. I gave up on rushing to try to catch it, and got home only to see this view off my deck! Since I only have 1 week left in this house, I figured it was actually a good way to remember my 2 years in this great house!