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Photo Of The Day “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

It has been a WHILE since I have posted a Photo Of The Day. I feel terrible, because I love to share my work. But unfortunately, since my real estate photography business for VHT.Com has been very busy, along with all the weddings and commercial work I do, I rarely have time to process my OWN personal photos. I chose this as a career, and have the greatest job in the world, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to go on a nice lonely hike, and take nature photos for myself. Sigh 😦

I think this photo represents what I am going through quite well. The bridge is where I want to be. Nice and calm, being able to set up my tripod, and just shoot the quiet wilderness. The rushing water represents my crazy work and social schedule. Non stop, and moving fast!

I promise to start posting more. It drives me crazy to not have people looking at new photography from me!


Photo Of The Day: “Rodeo Reflections”

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Ok, we are back!

It had been a while since I had gone to my favorite spot in Marin County to shoot the sunset. When I could see the clouds forming for a great sunset, I quickly hopped in my car and sped down the 101 South to the last exit before the Golden Gate. On the way out to the beach, I saw this out of the corner of my left eye, and quickly had to pull over as I could not let this image pass. It was so good, even one of the Golden Gate National Recreation employees was out there shooting the scene with his iPhone.


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