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Photo Of The Day “Bay Bridge Sunset”

Have I said how much I love working for Commodore Events? Part of my job requires me to be on boats in the middle of the San Francisco Bay on beautiful May days with amazing sunsets falling behind the Bay Bridge. Life is rough. I am actually very happy I was able to get this photo as clear as it is, since the very choppy condition of the water made for an incredibly difficult shoot. This was probably the most challenging shoot of my career, but obviously, well worth it!

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Photo Of The Day : “Hawaiian Hibiscus”

Knowing that I was only going be in Hawaii for 72 hours, I had this grand vision of waking up in the morning, going straight out to the beach, setting up shop, drinking margaritas, mai thais, and beers all day and lighting a bonfire at night and not moving until it was time to go to bed. Or just sleep on the beach. Why not? Well imagine my shock and disappointment when it rained about 66 of the 72 hours I was there! But what started as disappointment quickly turned into a sense of gratefullness, as we may not have gone to the beautiful Waimea Falls. This park is filled with everything a photographer could ask for. Birds, flowers, trees, rivers, waterfalls. It was paradise! This is a hibiscus, still wet from the last brief rainfall.

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Photo Of The Day: “2010 World Series Champions”

A very simple photo today, but probably the most beautiful photo I have ever taken. WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!


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