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Photo Of The Day “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

It has been a WHILE since I have posted a Photo Of The Day. I feel terrible, because I love to share my work. But unfortunately, since my real estate photography business for VHT.Com has been very busy, along with all the weddings and commercial work I do, I rarely have time to process my OWN personal photos. I chose this as a career, and have the greatest job in the world, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to go on a nice lonely hike, and take nature photos for myself. Sigh 😦

I think this photo represents what I am going through quite well. The bridge is where I want to be. Nice and calm, being able to set up my tripod, and just shoot the quiet wilderness. The rushing water represents my crazy work and social schedule. Non stop, and moving fast!

I promise to start posting more. It drives me crazy to not have people looking at new photography from me!


Photo Of The Day: “Jailed City…….with a Sailboat!”

“Jailed City…….with a Sailboat!”

This may look very similar to another photo I have buried here in my Landscape Photography Portfolio. It is called “Jailed City” You can see it here

I took that a couple of years ago. Anyway, last week, I decided to revisit Tiburon, California to take some new photos. The water, clouds and the sky looked VERY alike the day I took “Jailed City” When I saw this sailboat coming from stage left, I decided to try to recreate that photo, but this time, with a nice, happy sailboat blocking Alcatraz Prison!



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Photo Of The Day: “The End Of Sausalito”

“The End Of Sausalito”

After almost falling to a certain death when I was blown by a high gust of wind, I was able to recompose, set up my tripod, and capture this 7 exposure HDR Photograph. I drove out to Sausalito, California on Tuesday, hoping that the big awesome storms clouds would roll in to create some dramatic skylines. Of course, this was not to be, so I had to play the cards I was dealt. Not to bad for no clouds, but I will be going back soon! Right at the edge of the foreground grass is a sheer cliff down to the ocean below. I guess this is why this trail is closed, and why I almost died for the art of photography. But it was not to be, as I am made of Tiger’s Blood and Adonis DNA

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Photo Of The Day: “Sweets”

I post so much landscape photography, no one really knows I actually enjoy shooting other photography genres! One such genre being people. Unlike oceans beaches and mountains, people move, need direction, have emotion, etc. It is a complete 180 degree turn from what you need to do to get a good shot from a still landscape, and can be quite a challenge. And as always, sometimes some luck helps. We stumbled upon this graffiti along the walkway at ocean beach, and knew it would look cool in a portrait photo.


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